इस लेख में हम किसी भी लड़की को इंग्लिश में बर्थडे विश कैसे करें, इसके बारे में जानेंगे। अगर आप किसी लड़की को बर्थडे विश इंग्लिश में करना चाहते है तो यह लेख आपके लिए उपयोगी साबित होगा।

जन्मदिन सबके लिए बेहद खास होता है अगर किसी लड़की का बर्थडे है और आप उनको बर्थडे विश करना चाहते है या उन्हें स्पेशल फिल कराना चाहते है तो आप उनके बर्थडे के दिन सुबह सुबह इंग्लिश में बर्थडे विश कर सकते है। किसी को स्पेशल फिल कराने के लिए कुछ टेक्स्ट मैसेज ही काफी है।

यदि आप किसी लड़की को सुबह सुबह बर्थडे विश करते है तो वह बहुत खुश हो जायेंगे। इसके अलावा इंग्लिश में बर्थडे विश करने से एक अलग इंप्रेशन पड़ता है। यदि आप भी अपना इंप्रेशन बढ़ाना चाहते है तो इस लेख में बहुत सारे Wishes है जिनका उपयोग बर्थडे विश करने के लिए कर सकते हैं।

लड़की को बर्थडे विश कैसे करे इंग्लिश में

Birthday Wishes for Girl

  1. Happy birthday to the prettiest girl on the block. May all your dreams come true, no matter how small or big they are.
  2. I want to wish the prettiest girl I know a happy birthday. I wish you health, love, strength, and passion. You deserve the best.
  3. Happy birthday, babe. I wish you oceans of fun on this special day.
  4. The D-Day is finally here. I wish you a happy birthday. Have loads of fun, special girl.
  5. You always shine like the sun and illuminate the lives of those around you. I wish you a very happy birthday. Shine on!!
  6. You are such a special girl, and you bring joy into our lives. We appreciate the happiness you have brought. As a token of our appreciation, we wish you a wonderful and happy birthday.
  7. You are the only person I am lucky to have shared all my good times with. Have a beautiful birthday, and I wish you many good times ahead. Happy birthday, Girl.
  8. All the candles on your cake are the years I have been delighted to know you, Girl. Have a wonderful birthday.
  9. I just want to say happy birthday to the wonderful part that makes me whole.
  10. A wonderful birthday to the special girl who brings out the best in me.
  11. Happy birthday to the girl that has always made me feel butterflies in my stomach from the day I set my eyes on her.
  12. Continue your adventure on the road less traveled. Birthday girl, I wish you a wonderful celebration and more years of adventure ahead.
  13. To the sweetest girl I know, I wish you more years of a sweet life. I hope you remain the same. But if you ever change, I know it would be for the better. Happy birthday.
  14. I can’t find a birthday card that expresses just how special you are to me. So, I am just writing this special birthday message to let you know you are special to me. Even words can’t express how special you are, but I know you understand you are a special girl. Happy birthday.
  15. I know you would get a lot of birthday wishes today. Not all the wishers might be there with you. We might not presently be together, but I just want you to know that I wish you the best for the rest of your life. Happy birthday, girl!
  16. The hugs, kisses, and shared intimate moments are not enough to tell you how much I love you. I want to spend every moment of my life in your embrace. Happy birthday, special girl.
  17. Today is your birthday, and I hope it is more special than every special moment I share with you. I am so happy I have a wonderful girl like you in my life.
  18. Happy birthday, girl. Now that you add one more year to your life, I know you would become more beautiful. I wish you more happy days of joy.
  19. I love you just the way you are. I have searched the world, and haven’t found anyone as charming as you are. Happy birthday, girl.
  20. Happy birthday my pretty one. I pray you never lose that beautiful smile on your lips. I wish you more years of a wonderful experience.
  21. I am very glad that you are an integral part of my life. I wish you a very happy birthday and hope you remain the sweet, wonderful angel you have always been.
  22. Mere words cannot express how important you are to my life. I wish you a wonderful birthday, and I hope you continue being the light of my life.
  23. The world may throw a lot of difficulties your way, but you have always been able to weather the storms. This is what makes you a special girl. I wish you a wonderful birthday and more successful years ahead.
  24. Roses are red, and violets are blue. I want to spend the remainder of my life with you. Happy birthday, wonderful girl.
  25. I know you might wonder if you have done enough; if you have been the perfect friend to me, and if you have brought joy to my life. I want you to know that the answer is a resounding “YES.” Happy birthday remains the beautiful woman you have always been.
  26. I am glad to have you as a friend. Having you is a blessing to me. You are my best. Happy birthday, girl.
  27. Wishing your special day full of blessings love and happiness. Happy birthday to a special girl.
  28. You are such an amazing friend, may this day bring you lots of laughs and smiles. Happy birthday to a true friend.
  29. May you have more and more blessings than you have ever imagined. May this day be special in your life. Happy birthday, girl.
  30. Happy birthday special lady. Today is a wonderful day. May all the love and blessings come your way. Have fun to the fullest.
  31. The best moments are always best when shared with friends. Today is your special day. Wishing you the best on your birthday.
  32. I wish you a bright day, full of fun, love, and happiness on this special day. Happy Birthday, girl.
  33. Happy birthday, girl. It’s another wonderful year to start a new life. The past is gone. It’s time to write a new chapter. May all the blessings and love come your way.
  34. You are such a caring friend. One of a kind, a true and rare friend. Wishing you a happy and lovely birthday.
  35. My memorable moments are with you. You are an amazing friend. May you have a magical happy birthday.
  36. A friend is someone who touches someone’s heart. You are that person. May this day be bright and beautiful in your life. Happy birthday, girl.
  37. Wishing you a beautiful day full of celebration and cheer. Happy birthday to a lovely lady in my life.
  38.   Happy birthday to the friend who knows best and cares. May this day bring joy to your life. Happy birthday to you
  39. Our friendship is like a star. It is always shining. Wishing you a Happy birthday girl and may your day be filled with happiness.
  40. These are the moments I think about our friendship. The steps we have taken in life together. Life has been such a blessing. Happy birthday girl
  41. Your value in my life is more important than you can imagine. Life without our friendship would be empty. Happy birthday, girl.
  42. What a lovely day. I will light up your life even after you blow out the candles. Happy birthday friend
  43. Happy birthday, girl. Thanks for always being there for me. You are the best. Happy birthday greeting girl
  44. When you are around I feel comfortable and relaxed. Without you, I feel empty. Happy birthday friend
  45. I may not be your best friend but I promise to try my best. Happy birthday on this special day in your life
  46. Happy birthday to the friend who is always in my heart. May your day be filled with joy
  47. I wish that your birthday brings a new year full of blessings. May all your wishes come true. Happy Birthday girl
  48. May your destiny take you to wherever you have ever dreamt of. May you have a wonderful birthday
  49. Happy birthday to the person who reminds me of what life means. May your day be filled with laughter and happiness
  50. Every year you have a birthday, I feel like it’s mine. All the blessings will finally trickle down to me. Happy birthday girl
  51. You are the best friend anyone could ever wish for. May your birthday bring much joy and happiness on this special day
  52. Whenever I think of my best friend, I think of you. May you have a wonderful birthday
  53. Many friends have come and gone. But you have always stood by me through thick and thin. No one is like you. May you have a happy birthday
  54. Finding true friends is difficult. On this special day in your life, I would like to let you know you are a true friend. May you have a Happy Birthday
  55. Happy Birthday to the friend who has seen it all. Where can I start? I don’t know where I would be without you. May this special day be memorable!
  56. Friends like you don’t come along easily. That’s why I want to let you know how much you are appreciated. May this day be filled with love and joy. Happy birthday to you
  57. It’s hard to find good friends now that I have found you I am not letting go of the amazing friendship we share. I want to wish you a happy birthday pal
  58. When we were kids I never thought life would be this fun. We would share a lot. I hope to share more happy birthdays with you
  59. May your day be full of sunshine and warmth just as your kind heart! Wishing you good fortune, prosperity and the most fantastic achievements!
  60. Happy birthday to a sunny girl! Your amazing smile brightens up everything around just like the sun!  Love you, dear.
  61. May your dreams, small and great, finally come true! You deserve . the most awesome life, golden girl, be happy!
  62. Bday girl, may your special day bring you endless joy and unforgettable moments!

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इस आर्टिकल में हमने इंग्लिश में किसी लड़की को बर्थडे विश करने के लिए अच्छे लाइन्स दिए हैं जो आपको अवश्य पसंद आये होंगे। उम्मीद है यह लेख आपके लिए उपयोगी रहा होगा। इस आर्टिकल से सम्बन्धित कोई भी सवाल हो तो नीचे कमेंट बॉक्स में पूछ सकते हैं।