आज के इस लेख में हम Husband को बर्थडे विश कैसे करे इंग्लिश में, इसके बारे में जानेंगे, अगर आप अपने पति को इंग्लिश में बर्थडे विश करना चाहते है तो यह लेख आपके लिए उपयोगी साबित होगा।

जन्मदिन सबके लिए खास होता है लेकिन जब शादीशुदा आदमी का बात आता है तो ये उनकी पत्नी के लिए सबसे खास दिन होता है इस दिन को स्पेशल बनाने के लिए और आपने husband को स्पेशल फील करना के लिए आप अपने husband को इंग्लिश में रोमांटिक, हार्ट टचिंग, फनी शब्दों में बर्थडे विश कर सकते है। शब्दो से आप किसी को भी आसानी से स्पेशल फील करा सकते है और यदि आप इंग्लिश में जन्मदिन का शुभकामना देते है तो आपके पति और भी खुश हो जायेंगे लेकिन इंग्लिश में बर्थडे विश करना आसान नहीं होता है। इस समस्या को दूर करने के लिए आज के इस लेख में हम आपको इंग्लिश में husband को जन्मदिन की शुभकामना शब्द दिए है जिसके जरिए आप अपने husband को जन्मदिन की शुभकामना दे सकते है।

Husband को बर्थडे विश कैसे करे इंग्लिश में

Birthday Wishes for Husband

  • Happiest birthday to the most dazzling, romantic, and dashing husband in the world. Your success, happiness, and prosperity are all that matter to me.
  • Dear husband, I may not be the best wife of the world but I am one hundred percent sure that you are the most caring, loving, and supporting husband ever. Happy birthday my handsome husband!
  • Very happy birthday to the love of my life, the beats of my heart, and the thoughts in my mind. Happy birthday to my ever-charming husband!
  • How charismatic you look! You forever look like this and in every birth I become your wife. Great birthday to my husband!
  • Happiest birthday to the almighty greatest gift to me. May lord bless you with gargantuan success, great luck, never-ending smile, and opulence.
  • To my love, life, and the backbone, happy birthday dear husband. It’s because of you, I get to taste the nectar of love and understand the significance of a partner in life.
  • The Sun like glitter, the moon like charm, the stars like serenity, these are some of the most profound attributes you possess. Happy birthday to my dashing husband!
  • Happiest birthday to the noblest, kindest, humblest, and the most selfless man I know. Husband, thanks a ton for being my lifeline and unwavering support system. Without you, my existence is futile.
  • An ordinary woman like me feels more than lucky and blessed to have an utterly extraordinary and perfect husband like you. Happy birthday my cute baby. My love and support will never leave your side.
  • The secret of my forever youthfulness and oozing charm is your inexhaustible love for me. Wishing a cheerful birthday to the king of my life!
  • Without a shadow of a doubt, I am the most beloved and the luckiest woman on the planet because I have such a loyal, trustworthy, and loving husband my side. Happy birthday to the best husband ever!
  • It’s because of supporting and understandable husband like you, an average woman like me has managed to achieve so many profound things in life. Happy birthday, hubby! I will make sure you have an unforgettable birthday celebration!
  • It gives me immense happiness whenever I plan for your birthday. I am pretty sure you gonna love the surprises that I have planned for you. Happy birthday, my life!
  • Hey hubby, it’s your special day of the year and you are still working? So not fair. Let’s make your day enthralling and succulent. Happy birthday my sexy hubby!
  • Dear amazing husband, words like astonishing, handsome, caring, and intelligent cannot do justice to your indescribable personality. No matter how much I praise you, it will never be sufficient. Happy birthday my lovely husband!
  • You are the finest husband in the world not because you take care of all my needs and wants but because you do everything without expecting anything in return. Happy birthday to my selfless husband!
  • Like you, I also don’t expect anything from life because life has already given me the most priceless gift in the form of you. I love you dear husband to the moon and back. Happy birthday my cute baby!
  • Whenever life gives me dire rock bottoms, you are always there to hold my hands and give me a great push that takes me from darkness to glitter. I am blessed to have a man like you in my life. Happy birthday dear husband!
  • You are certainly the richest man in the world because you have my love, admiration, and the two cutest children. Happy birthday, husband!
  • I don’t want riches of the world. I don’t seek worldly pleasures. I also don’t create goals. All I want is your companionship till my last breath. Happy birthday to the most supportive husband in the world!
  • Cheers for the special day of a man for whom nothing is impossible and everything is valuable. You understand life and love so well that you do whatever it takes to make the world more beautiful. Happy birthday, husband. I am so proud of you!
  • This birthday, I am not allowing you to blow off candles on the birthday cake but I will light up someone in the Church and pray for your longevity. Wishing a mirthful birthday to the most caring husband!
  • Who cares about opinions, good or bad stuff, unnecessary goals, when a loving husband like you is there to make life seamless and blissful. I wish you a jovial happy birthday my sexy husband.
  • You are one of those rare men that every woman craves to have in life. Not only you are an awesome lover but also a wonderful father, unmatched cook, and a dreamer. In you, I have got everything I want from life. Happiest birthday to my loveliest husband!
  • Life is unfair but I don’t care because my husband always protects me from like unwanted and scary experiences. I love you husband a.nd a very jovial birthday!
  • Your hugs blossom my being, your kisses send enigmatic shivers in my body, and your gentle touch makes me love you unconditionally. Happiest birthday to the man whom I desire the most. Have a joyous celebration honey!
  • You are the only man for whom I can wait my entire life. Because, I know the wait is worth at the end. Happy birthday to my drop-dead stunning husband. May God bless you with everything you deserve!
  • If life is like a bar of chocolate for me, you are the fruit and nuts inside it. Thanks a lot sweetheart for adding immense sweetness to my life. Happy birthday to my lovey-dovey husband!
  • With each passing year, my desire to celebrate your birthday in the grandest possible way is also amplifying. Happy birthday my astonishing hubby!

इन्हें भी देखें

Emotional Happy Birthday Quotes for Husband

  • The moon like serenity on your face, the sun like intensity in your actions, and the sage-like wisdom in your thoughts make me fall for you more and more. Happy birthday to my perfect husband. No one can be like you!
  • You have always given me more than I deserve. Your unconditional love and support have transformed me into a jovial and wonderful human being. Happy birthday husband cum best friend!
  • Very joyous and exciting birthday to the sexiest husband from the most beautiful wife. May almighty keep our bond alive and super strong till my last breath. Happy birthday, darling!
  • We have spent numerous years together but not a single came when you broke my trust or troubled me a bit. You are a perfect husband in every sense. I love you darling and happy birthday hubby!
  • With a husband like you, each moment is worth living to the fullest and every day of life seems like a magical and enchanting affair. Happy birthday to my dearest hubby. A special surprise is waiting for you!
  • With you, life seems like a one fairy tale affair and a raunchy adventure. You are the one who actually wakes me up from a deep slumber and broke my bubble of the comfort zone. Thank you god for making me the wife of such a caring and supportive man. Happy birthday, husband!
  • Hey sweetheart, the moment you stepped into my life or better say dull life, that was the first time I experienced what real happiness is. Always be so kind and loving with me. Happy birthday to the one and only love of my life. Happy birthday dear hubby!
  • I am probably the richest woman on the planet as I have a husband with the most beautiful and pure heart. Wishing a frisky and memorable birthday to my dear husband!
  • You are not just the whole world to me. You are the entire fucking universe that I don’t want to leave till eternity. I am excited to wish my sweet hubby a very happy birthday!
  • Time can surely erase everything but not the imprints your unconditional love has left on my heart. A very happy and remarkable birthday to the most significant man in my life. May God bless you with everything you want in life.
  • I have experienced the peak of happiness three times in my life: when you proposed to me, when I got married to you, and when we had a little angel. Thank you sweet husband for giving me the bundles of happiness. Happy birthday!
  • Happiest birthday to my best friend, my life partner, me guide, my mentor, and a drool-worthy husband!
  • No matter how much I love and adore you, I always feel they are insufficient for you. I so badly want to loath you in my warmth, love, and affection. Happiest birthday to the sweetest husband ever!
  • Even after spending umpteen years together, our relationship still seems like a newly blossomed fresh flower. You make me feel like the queen of the world every single moment. Happy birthday, my sweet hubby!
  • Baby, maybe our house is a bit small but your heart is big enough for me to reside in it for the rest of my life. I owe you a lot and I will continue loving you till the last breath. Happy birthday to my darling husband!
  • Using big words to praise you or to wish you a happy birthday doesn’t come under my repertoire. My birthday wishes for you are plain, simple, and full of my feelings. Happy birthday, hubby!
  • What else I want in life when I have your strong arms to lay down all day long? I love you my sweet husband and happy birthday!
  • If I am not wrong we have celebrated all your birthdays in the most unique ways possible. This year, let’s celebrate your big day in a simple fashion. Happy birthday to my forever dashing husband!
  • The biggest pleasure and honor of my life is growing old with such a humble individual and a gentleman like you. Happy birthday my outrageously handsome husband!
  • Behind all of my accolades, failures, bone-crunching effort, you were standing like an unshakable giant rock to support me all the time. I eagerly pray God to endow me with you as the husband in all my upcoming lives. Happy birthday to my smarty pants husband!
  • I thank almighty every single day for rendering me a gobsmacking and notorious husband. You love me like crazy and you rock my world every single night. Happy birthday my sexy husband!
  • You and I are like Jarvis to the Iron man — We are nothing without each other. Wishing happy birthday to my Iron man!
  • I hate to break it to you but you are the single best thing ever happened to me. Your mere presence fills my life with utter excitement and raunchiness. Happiest birthday babe!
  • Don’t you think you should kiss my feet every day as you got the most intelligent and stunning wife in the world? Anyways, happy birthday to my gentleman husband!
  • Hey husband, you taught me that the deepest and the most inspiring love stories of the world are not the most romantic ones. They are the ones which survived all the turbulence. Many happy returns of the day husband!
  • Whatever I wanted in life, you brought it for me without my any indication or uttering a single word. I don’t know how do you manage to read my thoughts. Maybe it’s our gargantuan love for each other. Happy birthday to the loveliest husband!
  • Not only I am utterly grateful to you for giving me a startling life but also teaching me the significance of the family, love, and relations. Happiest birthday to the best husband!
  • A single moment without you seems like an eternity. However, I like to wait for you as well. Cheers to your birthday and our beautiful married life. Happy birthday to my hotshot husband!
  • I wish a cheerful birthday to the man who captures my heart and the sleep of my nights in no time. I love you and pray only for your good health and wealth.

आज के इस आर्टिकल में हम Husband को बर्थडे विश कैसे करे इंग्लिश में, इसके बारे में जाना। उम्मीद है इस आर्टिकल को पढने के बाद आप आसानी से अपने Husband को बर्थडे विश इंग्लिश में कर पाएंगे। इस आर्टिकल से सम्बन्धित कोई भी सवाल हो तो नीचे कमेंट बॉक्स में जरुर पूछे

अगर यह आर्टिकल आपके लिए उपयोगी साबित हुआ हो तो इसे सोशल मीडिया में अपनों के साथ शेयर करना न भूले हिंदी टिप्स दुनिया के नए आर्टिकल्स के अपडेट पाने के लिए फेसबुक ट्विटर पर फॉलो करें।